What sex you are has nothing to do with pulling your own weight in this world. What I’m writing about tonight can be flipped back and forth and turned inside out for who ever you are and it will be the truth.

Whether you’re married, single, roommates, or a family in progress, the fact is NOBODY owes you a thing. Each of us has to bring something to the table, or sit there alone. When more than one person lives in any space, there is cleaning, buying, paying, maintenance, and entertainment to be done and had. When you are not alone, let me make it clear, YOU ARE NOT LIVING ALONE, which means you need to balance duties, space, and entertainment with the other party or parties in your home.

Spouses, if one works outside the home and the other inside and it is a balance, then good for you. If you sit on your ass eating chocolates while someone provides for you, get your ass up and do your part of the providing, or the caring for the home and duties that apply. If you both are working and one of you is stuck doing the majority of the housework, shopping and bill-paying…what the hell is that? That is being unbalanced, being unfair, being a mooch, an excuse for laziness on both parts for not taking care of each other.

Roommates need to bring their whole, considerate, productive selves into the home. If you want to live like you’re alone, then live alone if you can afford it, if not, pull your weight-contribute fairly with your money, time, and efforts.

Families should contribute according to their ages and abilities. Raise children who have more to bring to the table than waiting on someone to give them money, or bring them food, or buy their latest desire of the moment. No wonder we’re in the shape we’re in!

Let’s be real for a minute, are you willing to be a maid, butler, personal assistant, chef, psychologist, medical care-giver, and sex toy after 8-12 hours of work each day? No? Then don’t be a user and expect it from anyone else.

Bring your whole self to the table with all of your efforts to offer if you want to partner up in some way. If you’ve been enjoying the fruits of less labor, I will say up front that I look forward to your wake-up call. Even the kindest, most overly giving person eventually understands what it means to be wrung dry and left empty. Then they get a spine, and happy hour is over. I will enjoy imagining your stunned look of disbelief at this moment.

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