Things I Know For Sure

My only son was just married last weekend. It was such a beautiful, fun event that I will always hold close to my heart. I loved the opportunity I had to meet his two closest friends (who I pre-loved for meaning so much to him), and to thank them in every way I knew how for being such brothers to him, and keeping that important part of him secure during his stint in the USMC. I wanted to show my appreciation for the family that comforted me by caring for him the many times he couldn’t come home for the holidays,  or long weekends.

I am so blessed to love the beautiful girls they brought with them. That was such an amazing bonus to gain two more daughters (or dotters as I always say) on top of the one that’s been a part of our little family already for years. They are so amazing, and fun, and different, and brilliant!

I am so excited at this point at all the possibilities! Someday, I’ll be an awesome Glammaw, and hopefully I’ll get to go to two more weddings of people I love in the next few years, and I get to experience my life blending with a mixture of others that add so much sparkle to the future!

I know this for sure~with as much as I loved my baby boi the whole time he was growing up, I love and respect him so much more now. I love his wife (dotter #1) and think she is amazing. I love his brothers, and their girls (dotters #2 and #3), and look forward to seeing them again. I always thought it was good that I never had another child because SURELY there was no possible way I could love them as much as my one. Little did I know how it grows exponentially, like a tsunami covering everything in its path! Lol.

I’m ready to have some adventures, and see all the new G movies, and shop for everything in the world that’s cool now. I became multi-generational to keep up with my boi and what’s happening now. I’ve got it in me to add another generation to my repertoire.  I am not afraid.

Here’s to life, and all the things I know for sure, and all the mysteries left to uncover!

May you all be so lucky in your lifetime!


Patrick O'Keefe

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