The Quest Part 4~Love Responds

“Welcome home” I heard Him say, “you let yourself get in the way

Of everything I planned for you, by chasing things that were not True.

The life you’ve lived has left you scarred, your choices made your heart grow hard.

You wandered, joyless, with no goal; ignored My breath within your soul,

And so, I led you to a place where you could know My love and grace;

To feel my Spirit once again; to love Me as you did back then,

And as My love surrounded you, I gave you hope, I made you new.

You saw the world with different eyes, and quit believing all the lies

That you, in darkness, told yourself~and put your dreams up on the shelf

Instead of opening your heart to be a living work of art.

This is the plan I had for you; a golden thread now woven through

The lives of others, and these strands that glitter in My loving hands

Have brought you home, where you belong~you gave me all you saw as wrong

And with great joy, We washed it clean, false blemishes no longer seen

Cannot keep you and I apart. You finished what I helped you start,

And then I brought you home to Me; a shining star for all to see.


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