The Quest Part 3~The Request

Father, are You busy? Can I talk with You?

There is something I need You to help me through.

Show  me how to live as if I’m unafraid…

Make me smile throughout each dawning day You’ve made.

Let my words be gentle, and my spirit kind;

Teach my hands to right each wrong I find.

Speak to me through word, and song, and friend

About love and forgiveness without end.

Rid me of the selfishness that drives me still;

Let my only wishes be within Your will.

Sing to me with angels as I fall asleep

Of how I’m not just one more soul to keep.

Whisper to me in the morning as I rise

That I am someone special in Your eyes.

Show me how to use the gifts You’ve given me

To make a difference in the lives of those I see.

Let my tears of joy fall as they will,

Overflow the heart that only You can fill,

And let my living matter for the world to see;

The glory of Your love alight in me.


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