The Quest Part 2~Caged

Trembling limbs, and breath, and word

Although I speak, I am not heard

This fear I face is so absurd.

How can I be prisoner of

A dread that I can rise above

An anger I can heal with love?

Weak at heart, in thought, in soul

Knowing I cannot be whole

until I drop the martyr role.

Shaking now, but unashamed

I face this fear without a name

And cast aside all guilt and blame.

If you cannot recognize

The me I am without the lies

Just know I won’t be otherwise,

And make your  choices as you will;

Chase the needs you must fulfill

In peace, if you can’t love me still.

Quick in joy and slow to rage

I think I’ve turned another page

I take the key~unlock the cage

I built to keep my soul contained;

To hide the softness that remained,

And packed away the dreams disdained.

Trembling limbs, and breath, and word

I speak, and truth is gently heard,

My flight, in light, is undeterred.


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