Who are We?

Who do we want to say we are~yet who do we seem to be?

We say we’re so compassionate~then we ridicule endlessly.

It’s “good” to be kind to animals we slaughter and so abuse,

Loving thy neighbor is all the rage as long as we pick and chose.

Live and let live is how we live, unless we do not agree,

And then we force it down their throats if they are too blind to see.

Turning the other cheek is great~as long as it’s not our own

We’re willing to stand for what is right, unless we must stand alone.

I would like to propose a thought that just has occurred to me

What if we really were the truth of who we profess to be?

Couldn’t we lay our masks aside, and put down our words of rage,

Looking each other in the eyes, and be willing to engage?

What if we opened hearts and minds; were willing to get to know

the flaws in another heart, and then be willing to let ours show?

Could we then better work to make a truly evolving life;

One where compassion and empathy would overcome every strife?

Does anyone have the answer yet~of who do you want to be?

I want to be everything I can, so let it begin with me.



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