My Life is Like a Country Song

When life seems to really suck, in a really super turbo vacuum way, I really always know I’m a lucky girl. I know it will all work out somehow; I have an awesome husband and son, and family and friends near and far. I have my health(as far as I know lol) and a cute place to live even though it’s rented, and by God two of the best dogs a girl could ask for. I really am walking in tall cotton compared to what I’m seeing on the news! I’ve got a good job with people I like, and plans for a brighter future going on.

This is the 2nd official day of my vacation, and I’m hanging at the house because my ancient jeep has a slow leak from a tiny crack in the manifold, and it needs electrical work if I’d prefer to have low beam lights at night. I came home Saturday with groceries and my fridge had died, and the two front burners on my stove only work on high due to faulty switches we had to order. With the deepest of gratitude that we had an old decrepit fridge out in the garage to hold all the beer I’m getting ready to drink in my sorrows, I raised the garage door to make grocery transfer easier and then it wouldn’t shut. IT WOULDN’T SHUT. Yes, I laughed and laughed, slapped my knee a couple of times and went over and fiddled with things I know absolutely nothing about and finally it came down. Lol. Oh my gosh what a hoot!

Normally, when I start to get upset about circumstances, I snap myself out of it by exaggerating everything so much that it’s ridiculous, and then I have to laugh, and all is better. Since I have not even begun to exaggerate yet, I will instead write an appropriate country song that I’m sure someone will buy the rights to, and I’ll be set for life.

But I digress…

I may not be the King Of The Road

in my poor old Jeep cracking up at the seams

chugging bravely down the road;

The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.

I always laugh it off when life gets

way too out of hand

But I’ve Enjoyed As Much Of This

As I Can Stand.

So what if I’m Busted, Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

I’d find A Hole To Hide In

But I’ve fallen on Hard Times.

There’s a Tear In My Beer,

Hard Times Come Again No More.

Another Day In Paradise

Is what I’m looking for.

They tell me It’s The Hard Knock Life

on down the Broken Road,

But my Old Violin is whining

Circuit Overload.

So sing me, if you can, another

Whiskey Lullaby,

Cause I’m Not Going To Let It

Bother Me Tonight.


P.S. If anyone needs my special cry baby country song writing skills, just message me =)

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