As The Eagle Flies (for my brother Tom)

If you have to leave us

only go awhile

Don’t deny our hearts

the brightness of your smile

Or stories bringing tears

of laughter to our eyes…

Come home quickly

as the eagle flies.

If you have to linger there

take care of you…

Hold us in your heart

to keep your spirit true.

Replay all our memories

within your mind

When you feel humanity

is hard to find.

If you have to go

then take us there with you.

Share this road we travel

from your point of view

Be the hero shining

in your son’s big eyes

And come home quickly

as the eagle flies.

If you cannot stay

then may God’s mighty hand

Keep you strong

when you are too tired to stand.

And know with all your heart

that even as I cry

I’m proud to know

you make the eagle fly.



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