Little caterpillar moving slowly in the breeze

Being inconspicuous and hiding in the trees…

You’re a wonder of this world just as you are-it’s true,

But you cannot remain the same, there’s so much more in you.

Blending in, to not be seen, and silent; never heard.

Always dreaming in your heart of flying like a bird.

So apologetically, you take up little space.

Timidly, you step aside, and never hold your place.

Somewhere deep inside, you know there’s something you must do…

But every time you would begin-you lose your follow through.

Finally, so weary; with no energy for fear

You hold on fast to twigs of hope, and dreams of flight so dear.

You wrap yourself up tight in every lesson you have learned,

And close your eyes to rest in this reprieve you’ve somehow earned.

Change begins so deep it can’t be seen by naked eye;

Watered by your tears with love as gentle as a sigh…

Step by tiny step you take the journey deep within

Until you reach the light where transformation can begin.

Patience, heart, and strength of will refine you from inside

Until that final moment when your heart bursts open wide.

You see that every moment you have lived has been a clue

To bring you to the miracle that is authentic you.

You leap with joy, and spread new wings that lift you into flight

Perception is so different when you’re living in your light.

Little butterfly, just smile, and let the winds uplift

The precious life the Highest One has given as a gift.



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